About Team

About Tushar Markanday

Tushar Markanday is the Owner of TopStatusQuote.com. He Loves to share blessings and wishings with all. He thinks Sharing Happiness is worth more than earning Money. Tushar Markanday is blogging for 3 years and he is trying his best to improve and maintain his all blogs everyday.

About Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta is the SEO/Marketing Manager at Topstatusquote.com. He is the reason behind the followers of this

Website. Rahul Gupta is a Professional Blogger and Blogging for 5 years.

BTW, Rahul is the one who has got a really awesome friend like Tushar. They both are Besties since Thier Childhood. They used to spend much time together and sharing ideas or solving any problem. Both of the Admins are really serious about their work and never

compromise with their duties.

About Sagar Bhatnagar

Sagar Bhatnagar is one of the faces behind codinglio, all the marketing, and the business part is held by him. We appreciate his presence in our team. We will take it very far one day.