Jupsoft eConnect-K12 ( Jupsoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd. )

Jupsoft eConnect-K12
Jupsoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

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On March 21, 2018
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This Software is rated 4 out of 5 Stars in performance, working and Capabilities.

Company Overview

Jupsoft eConnect K12 is very advanced platform for all the education institutes, This software is able to amanage all the IT Solution, Communication Between stakeholders and has advanced modules for each working. This SOftware is focused on Kindergarten to Intermidiate Standerds.


  • School Management
  • Timetable & scheduling
  • Gradebook & reports
  • Smart Card Access
  • Parent teacher collaboration
  • Library management
  • Online examination

Company Details

Company Name: Jupsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Headquarter: Noida


Jupsoft eConnect-K12 is a revolutionary school management ERP system that aims to simplify, accelerate organize and coordinate the daily processes that are a part of any school’s functioning. It is an advanced ERP software that is exceptionally efficient, secure, systematic and also easy to use. It will connect, collect, integrate and interpret information from different departments and manage functions and processes across your school at a central point, to enable effective decision making – making way for progress.

It reduces paperwork tremendously and is capable of handling administration, infrastructure and logistics of any school. It allows you to share, search and store information easily and safely, which saves time and money while increasing efficiency and accuracy. What’s more, you need not make changes to your existing infrastructure to install this school automation system! You may select the features and modules that best suit your requirement and can add on as and when required. It is totally flexible and adaptable!

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Jupsoft eConnect-K12


This Software is rated 4 out of 5 Stars in performance, working and Capabilities.

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